Just a little more love from our couples...

We can’t thank you enough, Amber, for all your help in making this experience so wonderful for us. You are an amazing celebrant!
— Beth & Tim, October 2018
photo by  Howe Studios

photo by Howe Studios


We really connected with Meg, who took the time to get to know us as a couple and create a ceremony that was personal and very ‘us’. We couldn’t have imagined a better Celebrant!
— Ali & Michael, March 2018
photo by  Joshua Mikhail

You helped create a seamless ceremony for us, Amber. We’ve been told how fun and care free it all was, and how it matched us to a tee - so thank you thank you!! And thank you for helping to control my insane veil in the wind haha!
— Lindsay & Dan, March 2018
photo by  James Day

photo by James Day


Meg, we had the best time and thought you were absolutely amazing! The ceremony was perfect and executed flawlessly. So many of our guests said how great they thought you were.
— Yael & Andy, April 2018

Simply put, Amber helped make our day perfect.
She made the process leading up to the day super easy and organised, we did not have to worry about forms or anything - she made sure we had all out t’s crossed and i’s dotted.
— Racheal & Calvin, March 2018
photo by  Jason Valler

photo by Jason Valler


Meg, [the ceremony] was exactly what we had hoped for and you made it so easy for us to have the ceremony we wanted. We couldn’t have done it without you and your guidance and we are so so grateful for your patience, help and support. You were awesome, thank you!
— Ana & Iain, March 2018
photo by  Haru Studio

photo by Haru Studio


Amber, I have had numerous people, especially my family comment on how amazing you were. They said you were the best celebrant they have ever seen. You really made the whole ceremony go so smoothly and it was perfect for us.
— Jen & Max, February 2018
photo by  Yasmina Nadine

Amber totally exceeded our expectations and made our ceremony so incredibly special. Amber is warm supportive, funny, genuine and personable and all of our guests commented on how wonderful she was.
— Scarlett & Isaac, February 2018
photo by  Montana Wilson

Meg, from start to finish you were an absolute dream to work with. Jarrod and I were thrilled that you were our celebrant and shared our special day with us.
— Katie & Jarrod, October 2018
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The personal touches you added to our wedding ceremony were lovely, and you perfectly balanced warmth and informality with a sense of ceremony and occasion.
— John & Tako, January 2018

Amber, you were amazing!
Thank you for making our special day exactly how we wanted it.
— Nat & Josh, November 2017
photo by  Montana Wilson

Everyone commented on how wonderful you were and we said that’s why we chose you!!
— Judy & Tony, September 2017
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Amber was awesome ... Her style and delivery was perfect for our wedding and she did a fantastic job organising a couple that needed a lot of guidance. Highly recommend!
— Mike & Samantha, October 2017
photo by  Mitch Pohl

photo by Mitch Pohl


The ceremony was perfect Meg, exactly what we imagined.
— Leah & Adam, October 2017
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Amber, we thought you were so amazing and made our wedding a memorable one. Our guests commented on how great you were as well.
— Fiona & Brad, September 2017
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Meg, thank you for the incredible ceremony you put together and conducted for us.
It was absolutely perfect and we are so honoured to have been your first!
— Bridie & Matt, January 2017
photo by  Jason Corroto

photo by Jason Corroto